Hundreds of thousands of children from 91 countries, on five continents, participated in the international competition, "Children of the World Illustrate the Bible." The competition was created and produced by Rolnik Publishers, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Education and Culture.

Juries, headed by the respective embassies, selected the best entries from the thousands of illustrations submitted in each country. The 20,000 illustrations selected were then submitted to the worldwide jury, in Jerusalem. This jury chose the winners, along with the more than 1000 illustrations used to produce an original line of publications. These now include

- An album (coffee-table book)
- A special edition of the Passover Haggadah
- A comprehensive CD-ROM
- A special edition of the Tanakh (Bible) [forthcoming]
- Cards, Calendars, Posters and more.

The final international ceremony, attended by the winners from all over the world, was held on December 6, 1999, in Jerusalem.

This site includes a selection of drawings from some of the participating countries, as a representative sample of the entries received. It also provides information about these new publications and other "CWIB" activities.