The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed
    The Dead Sea Scrolls lay hidden in the Judean desert for almost 2,000 years. They were written at a time when Judaism was undergoing momentous developments, and Christianity was about to take shape. Ever since their chance discovery in 1947, they have posed a series of challenging and unsettling questions. Who wrote them, and why? Do they hold a secret meaning? What do they reveal about the origins of modern Judaism and Christianity?

An officially authorized CD-ROM, exploring the original texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls -- with interviews, translations, and video clips.

This interactive CD-ROM will serve as a friendly guide to all the major aspects of the scrolls and their background.

It offers close-up pictures, for instance, of the exquisite lettering on the ancient Hebrew texts, or flies the viewer through unique 3D constructions of the Qumran settlement and of the conceptual Temple as described in the Scrolls. And it provides various historical overviews that distill decades of scholarly research. These overviews include:

The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed is a powerful multimedia database -- richly textured through its cross-referenced capabilities, yet always easy to use. Among its notable technical features are several floating palettes, designed to help navigate smoothly and retrieve information. It draws on the research of the world's leading Scrolls scholars -- and you can see and hear a number of them expressing their individual opinions on the subject.

This CD-ROM was developed by Pixel Multimedia and Aaron Witkin Associates in association with the Israel Antiquities Authority, under exclusive license.


Windows Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Microsoft Windows 95
486 or higher w/ Double-speed or better CD-ROM
4 MB of Memory (8 MB recommended)
256 Color Display Recommended

Macintosh Requirements:
Macintosh LC II or better w/ Double-speed or better CD-ROM
3 MB of Memory
256 Color Display


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